Monday, May 6, 2013

One of my Favorite Lip Combos...

Hello lovelies,
As y'all know, I'm a huge lover of lip products and have started to build up a lovely, little stash. :)
Today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite lip combos. Typically I just wear one lipstick, but I discovered how pretty it looks sometimes to layer lipsticks, mainly when you're dealing with a bright color.

I learned this lovely little combo from Makeupy By Alli and I love it!

The color whispers in lust for blush is a see-through sort of lipstick with a touch of shine. Lust for Blush is extremely popular. It's a very natural lip color and I love wearing it for every day.

As their name suggests the Vivids line is full of bright pops of color. Don't shy away from color though! I used to, but now I adore it. Pink Pop is a very bright Barbie pink, but it can look fairly natural, depending on how you apply it.

My natural lips:

With Lust for Blush:

With a sheer layer of Pink Pop:

Normally this is where I would stop, but for those of you that really love color, I just wanted to show you that it is very buildable:

This lip combo has been lovely for spring and I usually wear it once or twice a week.
What's your favorite lip product/color for spring?

Xoxo, em

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