Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Things

Hello lovelies,
It's FRIDAY!! And for many of you this signifies freedom because school is out! I've still got two days of schoolwork next week, but what the heck, it's close enough! LET'S PARTY!! Hehe, just kidding.. How will you be celebrating the kick off of your summer break?

Da kittens!! Our little balls of fluff turned 1 month old this week! I celebrated the occasion by having a photoshoot with them! (Pictures to come)

One lesson and one test to go and then I can forever say farewell to Algebra 2! It shall not be missed.

Embracing my natural texture for summer! Yep, that's really my natural, crazy hair!
How Animals Eat Their Food. I couldn't resist. :) I still laugh out loud every time I watch this! My favorite is the rhinoceros. :) Which animal is your favorite?
Week three of the bikini series is going great! I loved this new workout from TIU! It made the backs of my thighs soooo sore!
Happy Friday y'all! Have a lovely weekend!
Xoxo, em


  1. The kittens are so cute!!!

    And I just died laughing on that video!!!


    1. Thanks Madison! Haha, yeah it's pretty hysterical! :)

  2. Those kitten are adorable!!!!! Congrats on being so close to be DONE with school *claps wildly* Your hair is gorgeous girl! So jealous :( I'll try that workout...maybe. If I'm super brave and have nothing to do the next day so more pained "ows" won't keep me from anything :P

    1. Aww, thanks Sierra! You can also find the video of the workout on the Tone It Up youtube channel! Hehe, I promise its not too hard! ;)
      xoxo, em

  3. Love your natural hair girl, it's gorgeous!