Monday, April 29, 2013

Tone It Up Bikini Series

Hello lovelies,
As some of you know I've been an avid Tone It Up follower for over a year now and am proud to call myself a beach babe. What is TIU? TIU is run by two amazing women and best friends, Karena & Katrina. They started TIU back in 2008 (?) as a way to share their knowledge of nutrition and fitness. They designed a meal plan for themselves on which Karena toned up 9 lbs. and Katrina lost about 23 lbs. The meal plan became available to buy a few years ago and has rave reviews. K + K live in Cali and are certified personal trainers. They are very active on the various social networks, run their own website/blog, online community, and Youtube channel, as well as having an online store and beach babe dvd. (On a side note I got their dvd for my birthday and it is AMAZING!!)

I could go on and on explaining about TIU and the bikini series, but it would be much simpler if you just went and ready about it all here.  Did you go to the link? I know, I know, it blew me away too.

This is technically my second bikini series, but in a way its my first. I had just found TIU last year when the bikini series began, so I sort of did it, but didn't put my all into it. I followed the workouts which helped me to get into shape for the first time, but still ate the way I used to, so I didn't see very big results. Since then I have changed so many of my bad habits, its amazing. I've been eagerly awaiting this years bikini series this year so I can have a fresh start and push myself. Sadly since I am under 18 I can't win the grand prize (Contiki vacation package), but I do have my eye on the runners up prize package, that has yet to be revealed. I believe its a bag that is filled with all sorts of goodies though! :)

I know this is different than the kinds of things I normally talk about on here, but I just had to share this with y'all. Fitness and health are something I am very passionate about, because mainly I LOVE fitness, but also because I want everyone to have the knowledge and tools to change and get in shape if they want to.

Although its been going on for a week now, today was my first day because last week was my birthday and I spent it celebrating. :) It's day 1 and I'm feeling wonderful. Workout out and ate lean, clean, and green!

If you have any questions comment below or shoot me an email at
If you have already joined the Bikini Series or are going to, do let me know!

If you're interested in seeing my journey along the way or want to hear more about my daily eats and/or fitness routine then let me know!

xoxo, em

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