Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lately, My Life

Hello lovelies,
It's da weekend, which makes me very happy!! :) School has been beyond bleh lately, so I am very relieved to have a little break. So what's been going on in my life? I'll bring you up to date.

Our black cat Chloe...

(this is when she was a kitten) expecting! As in very, very pregnant. As in, so wide you wouldn't believe it! It seems like she has been pregnant forever! We're all very excited for her to deliver.

I recently had two fabulous photo shoots, one with each of my siblings. Here's a little sneak peek:

Sweet Sam. We had a cheery, spring inspired shoot complete with chalkboard signs and of course Sam's dirt bike. :)

My gorgeous big sissy, Olivia. Her pictures turned out so beautiful it made me want to jump up and dance!

In other news, I have crossed something else off of my sixteen before sixteen list! Something I really did not think I would accomplish. Here's my list here. Go take a look at it. Have you made your guess? Alright, I'll go ahead and tell you. We got a dog! A darling, golden retriever that I affectionately nicknamed Kassey (her real name is Kasper, but I never call her that) We've had Kassey about a week and she has already become a very beloved member of our family. (The cats don't quite love her...yet.) I promise I will post pictures soon!

On Friday I went as a guest to the new launch of some classes at my sissy's gym. I jammed it out to a wonderful playlist and had the most amazing time. The whole class was filled with this wonderful, happy energy. I've never liked to dance in public because I never felt like I was very coordinated, but something changed in last night's class and I thought to myself. "I've got this". I decided to just let loose, so I did! And I ended up having such fun! Especially when this song  came on at the end. I wanted to scream, but I ended up just jamming harder. It made me so happy. :)

Fell in love with this book, this girl, and her blog.  Emily Schuman is beyond talented and her overall style of writing and photography makes me want to swoon.

Spring has arrived! I'm terribly happy when everything is in bloom. Spring will forever remain my favorite season. (and that's not just because that's when my birthday is. :))

This coming week I will be shooting my first celebrity inspired makeup, hair, and maybe an outfit. I'm really excited! Can you guess who it is? Here's a small hint: She's a fellow blonde.

Xoxo, em


  1. Awwww so cute about your cat :) Loving the whole update thing goin' on ^^ And random, you have really pretty eyes :) Totally get what you mean by "favorite season (not just because of the birthday!)" ...I'm so like that!

    1. Aww, thanks for your sweet comment girl! Hehe, you're too sweet! I always love your comments!

  2. this is just the sweetest post, i'm hoping to see some photos of the kittens when they arrive - baby animals are too adorable! the photoshoot with your brother and sister is so lovely, I love close families. my sister is my absolute best friend, its nice to see others like us :) xxx

    1. Thanks Mel! :) I will most definitely post pictures of the kittens!