Sunday, April 21, 2013

I am fifteen going on sixteen...

Hello lovelies,
I decided to journal my last few days of being fifteen for y'all. These last few days have been anything but typical for me, so this isn't quite how my day to day life goes. Enjoy reading!

Wed. April 17th, 2013

Woke up at 6:30 to work out and afterwards I enjoyed a delicious breakfast of stovecooked oatmeal with strawberries. I've been terrible these past few weeks about getting up early, but it felt SO good to get back into routine. I had to go down to our community college to take an assessment test before enrolling for a class in the fall. Kansas was having one of its typical, chilly, rainy, foggy days so I wore my beloved Gap skinny jeans with a loose gray tank that I may or may not have taken from my sisters room, a light blue, eyelet cardigan from Nordstroms that seemed to have spring written all over it, and my nude American Eagle flats. The test went wonderfully and on the way home I got the call from my sister, "Chloe's in labor and has already had two kittens!" I couldn't contain my excitement. When I got home I went down to the basement and saw four darling, but oh so tiny, kittens. I knew then that I had nothing to worry about, Chloe makes a wonderful mother.

Thurs. April 18th, 2013

Was up at 6:30 again. My bootycall workout was the TIU Summer Slim workout and then the TIU Summer Sweat Session. Breakfast was overnight oats (the recipe is exploding all over the internet! Try it out for yourself!)
This morning was a flurry of activity. My Mom took Chloe to the vet only to find out that she still has two kittens in her tummy just waiting to be delivered. So now we're waiting...
Went and had my ears pierced this afternoon. I originally had them pierced for my 10th birthday, but they become infected so I had to let them close up. :( Now here I am six years later, finally getting around to having them repierced. I was secretly very nervous because I remembered it hurting really bad. After patiently waiting while the woman cleaned my ears, marked the dots, checked twice to make sure they were even... the big moment had finally come. My nails dug into my purse, anticipating the pain that was sure to come. "That was it?" I asked aloud with confusion and relief. Isn't it funny how different things seem when you're ten? I couldn't believe that six years ago I thought that was terrific pain! :)
Finished off the evening babysitting some kiddo's: helping them dress up, pretend cooking, and coloring. So sweet!

Fri. April 19th, 2013

While we were sleeping, one more darling kitten was born. Just one. When I went and peeked on them Friday morning, they were all curled up with their mommy, sleeping peacefully.
Friday morning was crazy and tough for me for a number of reasons. The afternoon went much better though. I had a highlights appointment which I was super excited about. I typically only get highlights about twice a year, so this was something to look forward to. I had my hairstylist change up the color mixture to a more golden blonde and I couldn't be happier with the results. Perfect timing too! My hair had turned much too dark this winter and desperately needed to be lightened up for spring.
I anticipated my evening all day though because Olivia and I had a girls night out! (something that we need to do much more often) I had such a fun time picking out my outfit. (A forever 21 dress I stole from my sissy's closet, paired with a black tank top, leggings, and flats.) My hair was already done from my appointment earlier in the day. (Isn't it wonderful how smooth and perfect looking your hair looks after being in the salon) I had fun applying my makeup with a slightly heavier hand. The finishing touch was a few squirts of my coveted Red perfume and then we were off! Dinner was at a Greek//Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown. We had such fun ordering the flaming cheese appetizer and couldn't help but smile when they said "Opa!" To tell you the truth I'm not sure who was more embarrassed, me or the waiter! Dessert was delicious and typical of my sister and me. I had a giant, iced chocolate chip cookie and she had the peanut butter dream bar. Some things never change! We finished off the evening with tickets to a dance exhibition where we watched some very talented ballerinas and jazz dancers. All in all it was a wonderful evening because I got to spend it with my big sissy. No matter what we would have done I would have had fun. I love her, she's amazing. She's my inspiration and dearest confidante and I'm so blessed to have her as my sister.

Sat. April 20th, 2013

Every year for our birthdays our Grandma takes us girls shopping. Even though my birthday isn't until Tuesday, Saturday was when the festivities began. Grandma and I went to the mall and were very efficient. We were out within an hour, the only difference being a few bags hanging on my arm. My finds will be shown in an upcoming shopping haul post! :)
Lunch was Panera with my Grandma. I had the "spinach power salad" and it was delicious!
That evening was my family party: dinner, cherry fluff pie (its pure heaven), catch phrase, and card games.

Sun. April 21st, 2013

An hour long walk/jog with Liv in the AM. Bubble tea and window shopping with a dear friend in the afternoon. Another walk and lots of lunges with Liv in the PM. My first tweet! I started a twitter just for fitness and health. (Mainly for the Tone It Up bikini series!) Eeeeek, so excited!!! It launches Tuesday (on my birthday) and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Xoxo, em

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  1. So, did she have the other kitten?!?!?!?! Happy Birthday! It is fun being 16!