Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Five Things

Inspiration for this post goes to Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere. I discovered her blog a while back and recently bought her book.  This girl is all things lovely, and her overall style in writing, photography, and fashion is so refreshing.

Collages are my latest obsession. I starting making them on Picasa.... and I can't stop. I especially love this one of Fernie. :)

I realized lately how much I love shopping. Like really, really love it. There's something so satisfactory about having shopping bags dangling on your wrists. Just wait until you see my upcoming shopping haul. It's my biggest to date. Just you wait...

Outfit of the day: these shorts in rolled oats, this tank in navy, a denim jacket, and my AE sandals.

First pic of the kittens! They will be two weeks old tomorrow and are growing like crazy!

I've decided that I would be perfectly fine eating Indian food every day of my life.

Recently my friend, Brie came to visit and while she was here she did this gorgeous braid on me. Then she went back home and I realized how bad I am at braiding. It's been on my list of "things to improve at" for quite some time now. Still working on it...

I'm currently working on a very exciting project! I will hopefully be able to share it with you within the next few weeks!

Also, I am super excited because today Beauty Brands is having a mega sale where select mascaras are only $10.98!!! It's cray cray! I'm going to go look at the Tarte gifted amazonian clay smart mascara. What's your favorite mascara?

Xoxo, em


  1. ohmygosh, that braid is gorgeous! I need to try that on my own hair. and I can't wait to see your latest shopping haul! shopping is the best.

  2. that kitten is too cute for words, can't wait to see more!