Tuesday, April 23, 2013

16 before 16~ Results

Hello lovelies,

Eeeeeek, today is my birthday!! After so much anticipation I can't believe it is finally here!! This isn't my official "birthday post", that will come later. :)

Last July I sat down and wrote up my 16 before 16 list. Now here I am, on my sixteenth birthday, and it's time to see how I did.

Le list~

Sixteen Before Sixteen

1) Get red high heels

2) Learn to drive/get a permit   I finally got my permit in October and have been out driving just a few times. I signed up to take Driver's Ed in May, so we'll see how it goes!

3) Get my ears pierced Finally after six years I had my ears repierced!

4) Learn how to shoot a gun//target practicing

5) Travel somewhere  As you all probably remember from this post, I traveled by myself to Nashville//Franklin, TN in February.

6) Do a fashion post I've loved doing a few fashion posts on my blog. Some of my favorites were: The Fashion Tag,   Shopping Haul//Spring Break Finds,    and Outfit of the Day.

7) Go iceskating//rollerskating

8) Memorize my life verse

9) Do something with animals  I can definitely say I "did something with animals" over the past year. I petsat twice for a precious cavalier named Benny, attended and helped out at a few KSDS events and meetings, got two cats, and then just last week my cat had kittens!

One of my favorite pictures if Fern... shortly after she killed a bird. So innocent.

10) Go to a thrift or antique store  I did this fairly often over the past year.

11) Have an official photoshoot  I was second shooter at a wedding last fall as well as having what I consider to be "pretty official" photoshoots with Liv and Sam. (sometimes siblings make the best models!)

the sneeze. this picture makes me laugh whenever I see it.

12) Get a dog

13) Get a 50 mm. lens  I received my beloved 50 mm. lens for Christmas and rarely take it off now!


The day I got my lens.. I was over the moon. :)

14) Go to a garage or estate sale   I went to a handful of different garage sales in the past year, none of them terribly memorable.
Looking over my list... and it seems I didn't get the whole SIXTEEN before Sixteen... because I only have fourteen. Oh well. Nine out of fourteen accomplished. I'd say it was a pretty loverly year! And this year I will aim to complete all of my seventeen before seventeen. (I've had such fun writing it up lately and can't wait to share it with y'all)
Xoxo, em


  1. happy birthday sweet girl! yay for accomplishing things! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Em! 16 is an awesome number ;)