Wednesday, March 20, 2013

what i'm lovin' wednesday

Happy first day of spring! How are you celebrating? Unfortunately it was quite chilly in Kansas today. It snowed yesterday (but thankfully melted) and we are preparing for another snow storm tomorrow. Needless to say, it doesn't seem that spring has quite come to Kansas yet. Today was still lovely though. Lunch with the family at the local mercantile, schoolwork, working out, and snuggling with my darlin' baby, Fernie (for those of you that don't know, she's my cat :).
I'm ready for sunny days, lots of adventures, shorts, and swimsuits! Got very excited by this post!  I am so ready for TIU's Bikini Series this year!

What I'm lovin':

1) New Nikes!

After searching for what seemed like forever I finally settled on the Nike Free Run 3.0 V2. They're amazingly comfortable, light, and flexible, while still giving a good amount of support. I love the lime green and purple and always feel amazing when I wear these!

2) Photo sessions with my little brother

I've been having such fun taking photos of Sam. He's the perfect little model! :)

3) Luna Bars

Luna bars have been a love of mine for a while now. I don't get them very often, but every now and then they are a nice treat. My favorite has always been the "Carmel Nut Brownie", but then today I had "Lemon Zest". Oh my. It seriously tasted like those lemon girl scout cookies, plus it seemed more filling than the Carmel Nut Brownie.

4) PUSH by Chalene Johnson

Got this amazing book from the library! I'm only about a week into, and I'm loving it so much! It helps you to set goals, make your dreams happen, organize, break your goals/dreams down into "bitesize" pieces, and so on.

5) That "Aha" photographers moment

When the photo you went to take turned out even better than you imagined. When you finally figure out something on your camera. When you master the lighting or the colors seem too perfect for words. Whatever it is, there are few things better than that wonderful moment when your photo turns out better than your wildest dreams.

Xoxo, em

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  1. I really want some new nikes!! :) I love luna bars! (I have only ever tried the lemon zest ones and they are amazing! Happy spring!