Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shopping Haul//Spring Break Finds

Hello lovelies,
This past week was my spring break and let me tell you, I enjoyed it very much! Over the past few weeks I've done quite a bit of shopping to gear up my wardrobe for spring and summer. Today I'm going to share with you all of my finds and a mini review on each piece:

This was probably my favorite buy from this past week. I always get super excited over activewear! The top and shorts are both from GapFit. The shorts are the black and lilac drawstring shorts. I couldn't find the top online for some reason. I've yet to wear this outfit through a workout, but the shorts seem to not ride up and really stay in place. The top seemed very light and breathable, plus it was a bit long, so no more having to tug my shirt back down mid-workout!

This Mid Toned Chambray Shirt from Old Navy has became one of the staples in my wardrobe. Chambray shirts are incredibly versatile and go with (nearly) everything! I like to pair mine with this lace-trimmed tank top from Old Navy and my favorite peach skinnies.

While in Franklin, TN I bought this orange, flowy top at Forever 21. Typically I'm not a fan of orange, but I love the fabric and the overall style of the shirt. Since it has a high-low cut I like to pair it with a tank top, a brown belt, and skinny jeans.

This is the fitted boyfriend plaid shirt from Gap. I like the overall fit and how light it is. I'll admit, I wasn't crazy over it at first, but my Mom convinced me that it would be a good staple for my wardrobe and she's probably right. (Mom's always are :)

Cardigans have always been a staple in my wardrobe, so every now and then I like to add a new color or style to my collection. This cropped cardi in coral tropics from Old Navy is in a gorgeous shade and I can't wait to wear it! As you can tell in this picture, it seems to wrinkle incredibly easily, so I'm not quite look forward to ironing it so much.

I also picked up these Blue//Gold Rhinestoned Ring Set at Forever 21. Wearing all three of these rings isn't always extremely comfortable, but I love the look of it. :)

Both of the bracelets are from Francesca's. I'm used to buying some of my jewelry at Forever 21, so Francesca's jewelry seemed a bit expensive to me. One of the bracelets was $12 and the other was $14. Now don't get me wrong, I'm fine with spending a little extra on some cute jewelry pieces, but I was a bit bummed when I got home and found that these Francesca's bracelets didn't seem to be much better quality than my Forever 21 jewelry. Both of the bracelets are on elastic-like string that stretches when you put them on, and I'm rather worried they're going to snap. Love how they both look though, so hopefully they will hold up!

What are your favorite Spring fashion and beauty finds?

Xoxo, em


  1. What is the price range at Forever 21? We have one near us, but I have never even shopped there... Maybe I should check it out!

    1. You definitely should, I love it! It's super affordable and has such a variety of styles, you'll be overwhelmed! As far as pricing, it really depends. The last time I was there I bought two tops that were both about $20. Since their clothing is cheaper you have to be careful and look at the quality of it because sometimes it can fall apart. Pretty much all the stuff I've purchased there has held up really well, but I've had one or two things get holes in it. I LOVE them for accessories especially, because they're crazy cheap and their accessories hold up well. You can get rings, earrings, and hair bows for as little as $1.80?! I know, its cray cray! Necklaces and bracelets are a little bit more, typically around $8-$12. Long story short, I loved Forever 21! :)

    2. Awesome! Thanks for the info! I will def. be checking them out!!! I am looking for a long pearl necklace (obviously not real pearls) and I bet they would have that! :) Thanks!

    3. You're welcome Becca! :) They definitely might have that, but if not check back often because they get new stuff in all the time.

  2. Love the rings and bracelets!! So so pretty.