Friday, March 1, 2013

My Favorite Lip Products

Hello lovelies,
 Here's a little fact you probably didn't know about me: I strongly dislike lipgloss. I know, I can just hear you all gasping in surprise. A little shocking coming from me, isn't it? I wasn't always that way though. Growing up I had multiple lipglosses of varying tints that I would apply frequently. It made me feel so grown up and put together. Somewhere along the way though, I changed my mind. Lipgloss & mascara. Those are typically the two things that teenage girls always put on before leaving the house. That's just not me though. I don't like the way lipglosses feel. To me they are messy, goopy, and sticky. I'm more of a tinted lipbalm kind of girl. Revlon lipbutters, maybelline babylips, etc. Now those are the loves of my lips! There is rarely a day (or night) that goes by that I'm not wearing some sort of lip product.

EOS Lipbalm  in Pomegrante Raspberry. eos lipbalms have been all the rage for over a year now, and for good reason too! Not only are these little cuties addictive and handy, (They fit in anything!) but they are incredibly moisturizing and smell delicious! For being only $2.99 at Target, these things last forever! I've been using mine faithfully since Black Friday, and you can't tell a difference from the day I got it!

BBW My Favorite Nightbalm Y'all have heard me talking about this stuff so much that you're probably sick of it. This lip treatment has become part of my nightly routine, and I'm convinced that I couldn't live without it. This is the first winter in.... forever that I haven't had dry, chapped lips. I give (almost) all of the credit to this nightbalm!

Maybelline Babylips in Pink Punch. Last spring I purchased a Babylips in Peach Kiss, used it like crazy, and then proceeded to lose it. For some reason, or another I never bought a replacement. Just last week I bought myself one in Pink Punch... and fell in love. They seriously do give you soft, babylips! There are colored ones, and non-colored ones. Even though the color is extremely sheer, if you're going to get a tinted one, it is key that you get the right color for you! At the moment the only colors they have are peach, pink, purple, and red. The peach really didn't do me any favors, but the pink punch is one of those magical products that seems to light up my whole face and be my perfect shade of pink! Besides that, these are scented, and the pink punch smells amazing!

4. Bagbalm You can laugh all you want at the name, but I swear by Bagbalm! It's one of those amazing, multi-purpose beauty products that you just can't live without! It cures dry lips in a snap and is also amazing on hands, feet, eczema, and any dry patches.

5. Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Crystal Lilac Yes, I know I'm a hypocrite. I go on and on about lipgloss and then I have the nerve to include one in my favorite lip products? Before you judge though, just hear me out. This is the only lipgloss I ever wear and here's why: They're not sticky, or goopy, or yucky like other lipglosses. The color is stunning as well! I don't wear this all the time, but when I want a little extra glam I will layer this over one of my Revlon lipbutters. It goes on surprisingly smooth and stays on for a good length of time.

6. Revlon Colorburst Lipbutters (left to right: strawberry shortcake, berry smoothie, cotton candy) I know that I often say that I love a product. These truly are my #1 favorite lip products though. Revlon claims that 94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated. These lipbutters are like a happy medium of lipstick and lipgloss all in one. They deliver sheer color with a touch of shine.

What are your favorite lip products?

xoxo, em


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    1. Me too! They're so addictive and smell delicious! Which one is your favorite? I want to get another one, but can't decide which!

  2. I love posts like this, favourites are the best posts to read! I swear by the lip butters too - they're amazing! xx

    1. Hi Mel! Thanks for your comment girl! I always love hearing from new bloggers! :) Oh, I know, I'm so in love with the lipbutters! They're pretty amazing!