Friday, February 22, 2013


Hello loves,
If you've been watching the weather at all, then you know about the mini-blizzard that hit the Midwest and a few other parts of the country recently. I think I entered a state of shock on Thursday morning when I went to take the dog I'm petsitting out to go the bathroom. I stepped off the porch and plunged into about a foot of snow. (I'm not sure exactly how much we got, but combined with the wind we have a lot of drifts). My feet disappeared beneath the fluffy whiteness and my pj pants were instantly soaking. This dear old dog I'm watching looked at me in disbelief, as if saying, "How do you expect me to go to the bathroom, when this stuff is almost to my back!"

I've never been a fan of poetry. I don't usually understand it and rarely try to write a poem. So when I received my school assignment a few weeks ago: write a lyric poem; you can imagine my excitement. (yes, that was sarcasm) I sat down to write it, imagining that I would be there for hours. By God's own grace though, the words just came to me.


A poem by Emalee

Snowflakes falling- one, two, three

Falling, falling down

Floating, dancing gracefully

Sweeping the sky white

Whispery winds, blowing them onward

Blowing them, pulling them, pushing them down

Gently they land

Softly they lay

Blanketing the ground in their beauty

Twinkling, glittering magically

Untouched, still whole, they lay in their splendor

Sunlight dances across their unbroken surface

I actually enjoyed writing this little piece. Perhaps I'll dabble in poetry a little more often. It's a fun and different way to express yourself and the jumble of words in your mind.

Finishing up a big, long post about my recent trip to the south! I'll be posting it tomorrow!

Did you get any snow where you live?

xoxo, em


  1. Where i live there's going to be a snow storm this weekend so im staying in the house :) i love your poem and photos great job and i cant wait to hear about your trip :D

    1. We are supposed to get even more snow on Monday! It's crazy!!
      Thank you so much Kaitlyn! :)

    2. Wow! stay safe and warm :) and your welcome