Tuesday, February 12, 2013

in which i pine for summer | a guest post by sophie

I can feel it.
the warm weather, the wind on my face, 
a melting Popsicle in my hand, and a good book to read.

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for summer and all the eventful things it holds. With only 16 weeks of school left, I am super antsy to get started. And so, today I am here to refresh your nostalgia and guest post for Em, why not throw the two in one? ;)

these are personal goals I am setting for myself to do.
x. read ten books.
I'm compiling a list, such as "Around The World In Eighty Days" and something by Jane Austen..
x. make summer shorts.
super excited about this one.  Colored shorts just show my personality more, and this seems super easy, can't wait to try.  go here for a tutorial.
x. sew...stuff...
I have always been able to sew.  By hand, or on machine.  And I have always had a thing for fashion.  So this summer I plan on making allot of things to wear.  I hit allot of thrift stores and yard sales for clothes and then refashion them.
x. learn songs.
I play guitar, piano, and pretty much any drum I can get my hands on.  I want to learn more songs this summer, what's a campfire and smores without music?

Here are some activities that won't let you be bored. Because summer and bored shouldn't be in the same category. like, ever.
x. play Frisbee
x. go to the beach
x. make homemade slushies.
x. camp out under the stars.
x. visit a friend who lives far away.
x. blast music while cleaning.
x. eat healthy, but tasty.
x. do something with your family. 
x. board games.
x. make a movie with your siblings.
x. help your mother in the kitchen.
x. write. write. write. write. write.
x. be silly, have fun with whatever your doing.
x. go swimming, duh.
x. make a fort.  (so fun, doing this.)
x. make a scavenger hunt with friends or family.
x. call friends on the phone.
x. write a letter. texting is so overrated. 
x. curl your hair, the old fashioned way.
x. listen to taylor swift. (probably just me...)
x. play your guitar, or whatever you do play,
 play it better and have fun with it.
x. take pictures, duh. and cover your wall with them... i did.
x. oh yeah, go swimming.
x. get that tan you've been too lazy to get.
x. have a movie night, invent snacks, or go traditional
with popcorn and M&M's.
x. watch blimeycow.
x. belt out in song. in public, at home, everywhere.

Well that was fun.
come visit me darling, let me know how you liked it ;)
(I'm Sophie. I'm what I like to call my self a noun photographer, I take pictures of people, places, and things, beautiful, messy, or simple. i write and take pictures.  i like yellow. stripes and polka dots define me quite well, and I make up words. i also doodle allot. on everything. come see me.)


  1. I loved this post and I will do everything including listening to T-Swizzle! :D Very fun and you made me wish for summer to come even more! :)

  2. okay even though I hate summer, this made me happy. and yes, I know: hating summer is pretty much a crime. :P Defiantly listen to Taylor Swift and BlimeyCow!? day = made. I just love them so much.

    1. I hate summer too, but you know what? I decided to change it this year. :) I'm so excited to see what lies in the future warm free of school days :)