Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Favorites!! {Holiday Edition}

Hello loves,

I'm so sorry that it has been so long since I posted! I did have some wonderful plans for a holiday series called "Em's Countdown to Christmas", but ,alas, I ran into problems. I discovered I had uploaded my maximum number of photos to Blogger and if I wanted to do more I would have to pay a monthly fee, which of course I didn't want to do. So I frantically emailed a few of my blogging friends asking for their advice. They told me that I would need to join a site like Photobucket and upload my photos through the URL. So that is what I plan to do. Don't worry, I'm still doing my holiday series, its just a little behind.
Happy December lovelies! How is your holiday season thus far? Mine has been extra lovely and I am SO excited for Christmas break!

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Favorite Winter//Christmas Pins:

Aww, not only is this a really cute photo idea, but the puppy is so stinkin' adorable!!

CHRISTMAS TREES!! Oh how I love picking out our Christmas tree every year! :) Do you do a fake or real tree?

One of my favorite Christmas pictures. ever. To me this photo says Christmas, cozy, homey, personal, just plain lovely!

Favorite Lovey-Dovey Pins:

Someday, I'll have a princess gown!
This bride is SO GORGEOUS!! This is kind of what I want to look like, although I don't know if I want my hair up or not. I love ballgown dresses so much!!

super cute.
A genius photo idea!! The reflection is beyond cool, but mostly I love the girls boots. :)

Laugh time!
hahahaha, I always think of my kitties every time I see this!

so sweet
Awww, that is just too sweet!

funny kitty
Ahahahahaha, this is me somedays.

here little birdie
here little birdie...

Favorite Bestie Pictures:

Now these have to be some of the prettiest, cutest, sweetest pictures on Pinterest. I love best friend pictures and love all of the different photo ideas they give me!

Sweet, soft colors with gorgeous red hair in the center and a stunning ocean backdrop.

Silliness! Hehe, typical best friends! ;)

road trip!!
road trip! road trip!

Friends, Best Friends

And now....

Prepare yourself.....

Set pictures from Catching Fire! I may have just died from my excitement.
SET PICTURES FROM CATCHING FIRE!!! I literally started hyperventilating when I saw this. I almost died from my excitement. I went and watched the Hunger Games that night and then I felt like crying because Catching Fire isn't coming out for another year. :(

Happy Friday y'all! How will you be spending your weekend? Mine will be spent at two holiday dinners. (One that I'm cooking with my Mom and sister and another that I will just be a guest at) Oh am I excited for all of that delicious food! Tomorrow I am making a yummy looking bread pudding with cinnamon syrup. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Kiss, kiss, go read Catching Fire,


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