Monday, November 12, 2012

November Inspiration: Fashion and Beauty

Hello Loves,
IT'S NOVEMBER?!?! This past weekend I sat down with my journal, Smash Journal, Taylor Swift music, and a bundle of old letters that I'd written to myself and reminisced. 2012 has gone by much, much too fast. Its been an amazing, life changing year so far and I can't wait to see what this holiday season holds for me.

For me November is kind of that awkward in-between time of just-barely-fall, but not the holiday season quite yet. I'm ready to fly into the holiday season with my skinnies, sweaters and trusty raspberry lipstick by my side. I've been dreaming of the holidays for weeks now. I decided to do this post as a little pick-me-up for those of you that are feeling very...uninspired right now. And even if you have all of your holiday looks planned down to the last necklace, I hope you'll take the time to enjoy this post anyway! :)

Favorite Fashions:

Classy Girls Wear Pearls and plaid
Classy girls wear pearls and plaid. While I don't own a plaid skirt I think this serves as a wonderful inspiration for the holidays. Don't always go for trendy LBD's or sequined dresses, go classy and I promise you'll get way more compliments! Classy stands out and if done right puts off a very polished & mature vibe.

// loooovvvveee this!
Peter Pan collars are huge this fall, but the thing I love about them is that they still seem entirely unique (not just another trend) and are very classy and feminine. (In case you haven't noticed classy is my word of the day :)) I'm also loving the high waisted skirt look (which unfortunately completely fails on me) and I really LOVE the heeled boot look... is that what they're called?
*Tip- Never underestimate the power of a great belt. It's often just what you need to pull your outfit together and complete your look. Think thin, NOT thick.

Kate Spade Christmas bow earrings.

Kate Spade Christmas Bow Earrings


Brandy Melville Bow Rings

NEVER forget about accessories!! There are no words to state the importance of a great accessory! I'll admit, I've just recently gotten into them, but now I love them and see how essential they really are. I'm planning on picking up a few more great ones for the holidays this weekend. I'm obsessed with bows right now!!!

socks and boots! socks and boots!

Fall stockings

A super huge trend this fall is the boots & socks look. I love how simple and practical it is! Besides the extra warmth the socks provide, they're just plain cute!!

denim shirt beauty

denim shirt

Oversized scarf, button up, blazer, and skinny jeans

The denim shirt is super versatile and comfy. Get creative ladies! You can find them in any wash & cut + there's a huge variety of styles. Pair it with skirts or skinnies or if you have any oversized one wear it over leggings or use it as a jacket with a dress.

Luscious Hairstyles:

Probably the most asked question among women is "What do I do with my hair?!" Believe me, I have those days often! But with Pinterest & Youtube as every girls best friend, you never have to have those days again! A few hairstyles that I'm crushing on lately:

The much beloved side braid. You'll often see this hairstyle on celebs that are out and about. Pay attention! They know what they're doing! This hairstyle is super simple and takes a matter of minutes (as long as you're a good braider) It can be exceptionally flattering, but sadly this usually only works with fairly long hair. (It still doesn't quite work for me because my hair always comes out.)

This hairstyle is amazing


Classic bun, spunky braid

What's your favorite bun//updo? Whether its high or low, simple or complicated, braided or twisted there is the right updo out there for you! I used to hate and I mean hate putting my hair up. I found it super unflattering and totally boring. Then I realized it was all in my technique! Updos can be super fun .(and not always easy!) Once you've mastered the basics doing your hair can be a breeze! While I still prefer to curl my hair when I have the time, I love knowing that I can put my hair up into my "signature ponytail" or slap it up into a lovely messy bun whenever I want to.

Hair bow with curls.

Curly hair with bow

blonde hair with bow  adorable

Whether its a bow from Forever 21 or one that you took the time to construct out of your own hair, curly hair pinned in the back with a bow is just about one of the prettiest hair looks. ever. Did you know you can buy fake-hair-clip-in-bows?? Yes, you can actually imitate the real deal and no one will ever know!

Gorgeous Makeup:

As y'all know I'm super passionate about makeup and doing my makeup for the holidays is a beyond exciting thought. I have millions of ideas, but today I'll just share a few with you:

shimmery smokey eye
This is a super pretty, but not overly dramatic eye look. Smoky eyes just don't work on a 15 year old. I love this toned down, shimmery version a lot though!

Raspberry lips are  really huge this fall/winter. I love the trend, but was convinced that I couldn't pull off a dramatic lip color. I've seen a million varieties from a true berry color, to deep reds, and more purple or pink tones. I didn't want to look like I was ready to walk the red carpet though, so I sadly decided to skip the look. As you all know from my vlogs the Revlon Lip Butters are a huge love of mine! I bought one in the shade Berry Smoothie a month or two ago and fell in love!! It's perfect for me because its a bit more sheer than a lipstick, thus not as dramatic and overwhelming. I've seen the color on a few different people and have discovered that it looks good on almost every skin color!

A go-to guide for flattering blush tones.
Make sure that you have a great blush for the winter! There is nothing worse than looking pale and washed out. I found this served as a great guide for me when I was blush shopping a while back. Another winter essential for most people in the winter is bronzer. I've never attempted it since I have fairly light skin, but if your skin is darker than mine then I say it's a must! I can't even name the number of times that I've wished for tanner skin so that I could pull of bronzer!

I'm obsessed with Taylor Swifts Red right now!! Amazing CD, right?

Starlight  is my favorite at the moment. Thanks Brie! :) It's now playing through my head 24/7, but I don't mind because I love it so much!!

I also love I Knew You Were Trouble (who doesn't?!) and State of Grace

If you ever have any makeup questions always feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment! I'm always glad to answer your questions!

What are your essentials//favorite looks right now?



  1. That's kind of funny about plaid skirts being in style. I own like three of them, and I haven't worn them since I went to school (it was my uniform). I guess I'll pull them out, and start wearing them again. Thanks!


  2. I have to agree with you on the socks & boots combo (hadn't seen that one yet), the peter pan colors, denim shirts, the bows and braids. I'm loving those rights now :) And I'm going to have to get me a bow ring :) I really liked this post Emalee! I haven't gotten to listen to the complete album yet...but I love Begin Again. I go crazy whenever I hear it on the radio *grins* Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!