Sunday, November 4, 2012

Farewell Lovelies

Hello loves,
Several weeks ago one of my best friends and her sweet sister moved several states away. I miss them both so much. You could often find us playing tennis, having a photoshoot, or taking a walk. These amazing girls have made such a huge impact on my life, so now to not have them here next to me seems strange. I think of Brie whenever I see messy buns, shelties, superhero movies, Forever 21, or Taylor Swift. Before the girls left I had them over for one last photoshoot. We carefully selected our outfits, touched up hair & makeup, and looked over posing ideas. I have to say that this might just be my favorite photoshoot I've ever done. All of the pictures turned out amazing, the lighting was beautiful, and we had such fun just being together. Okay, enough talking, lets get onto the pictures!

Brie is so gorgeous! She's beautiful inside and out and has a heart for Jesus.

Tiana. What a model! Tiana is so stunning and has such a sweet and selfless heart.
 Such sweet sisters
 I love this photo of Tiana & me. The lighting was so perfect!
 Hehe, but this one shows our true personality's! :)

Haha, this one just makes me crack up!


Both Brie and Tiana have such a natural eye for photography. I was so thrilled at how my photos turned out!

I LOVE how my hair has a strawberry hint to it here. Usually I want my hair to be as blond as possible, but this picture made me want a darker blond/strawberry blond hair.

I'm so thankful that God has placed such two amazing young women in my life to inspire me, encourage me, and always make me smile. :) There are no words for how much I miss them, but I can't wait to go visit them in Nashville!

xoxo, em

PS. Loves, keep an eye out for a special post coming soon!

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