Monday, October 15, 2012

If You Really Knew Me....

*You'd know that I hate anything that's flavored almonds or has almonds in it (yet I don't hate almonds by themselves. I'm just not their #1 fan.)

*You'd know that I cry... really easily. I HATE crying around people though.

*You'd know that I don't like white chocolate.

* You'd know that I love animals with all of my heart and nothing cuts me deeper or makes me more angry/sad than seeing animal abuse or dog fighting.

*You'd know that at the moment I'm obsessed with comfy pullover sweaters, skinnies, boots, and lip products.

*You'd know that I love to journal.

*You'd know that I have about 2,652 pictures to post on this blog and a million and one things to write about.

*You'd know that I love panfried kale and panfried swiss chard. Just give me a pan of either of them and that could be my dinner.

*You'd know that I am an I Love Lucy fanatic. I always loved the show, but when my brother came along it became his favorite show (Haha, he just came into the room asking me the name of one of the episodes. Only helps to prove my point.) Anyways, we watch it all the time and now I've seen every single I Love Lucy show, know a ton of Lucy trivia, if I'm in the other room I can tell you which episode is on just by the dialogue, I can walk into the room and if it's paused on the screen I can usually tell which episode it is just by that one picture, I've read almost all of the stars (on the show) biographies.. well you get the picture! I LOVE Lucy! :)

*You'd know that when I was little one of my most treasured possessions was a huge gold book full of Disney fairytales. It was super heavy, but I still lugged it around with me everywhere. I never tired of fairytales. To me... they were magical.

I'm planning a really big, super long post very, very soon to bring y'all up to date, show you a million pictures, and share some fun stuff with you!

Much love,

Your authoress, Em


  1. You don't like white chocolate?! Oh boy, I don't know if I can follow your blog anymore! :) Just kidding, but really, is there a reason other than you just don't like the taste? :) That was a great and fun-to-read post Em!

  2. yeah, I am not the biggest white chocolate fan either. Love dark and milk chocolate though:)and the tears thing, yes sooooo there. all it takes for me is someone else crying and boom, I'm balling! I don't even have to know them. it can be really annoying. can't wait for the long post:)

  3. It made my day seeing that about the fairy tales up there. I devoured a couple larger collections from the library. But what really started my love was a homeschool class I went to and we studied Cinderella stories from all over the world. It was really cool and after looking for the Cinderella stories I decided to read some other tales...And boom! Loved them ever since :D I really enjoyed this post! I did one sort of like it a couple weeks ago. But I think yours turned out better :P Oh, almost forgot, journals rock!! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  4. Nice 'if you knew me' post Em! :) And I don't like white chocolate either.