Monday, September 3, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Hello loves,
I know, just looking at the title of this post makes me a little sad. Its time to face the truth though. Summer is over (well technically its been over for two days). It really hit me today though when I put on my swimsuit and mowed the lawn for the last time. (Haha, I know, its kind of funny that I mark the end of summer by the last time I mow. :)) This has been an amazing summer filled with so many wonderful memories! I can't wait for autumn to come and see what adventures it brings with it! I wanted to do one last "farewell to summer" post though with a little overview of the summer + letting y'all know what I ended up accomplishing on my summer list! Out of a list of 58 things, I accomplished 29 (exactly half!)

Just a few of those were...

Making a Pioneer Woman recipe I can't find the links I need for her recipes, but go check out her blog here!  I fell in love with her website (and her books//cookbooks!) a few years ago, and she continues to inspire me & make me laugh.

Doing a fashion//beauty post   I actually did a few beauty & fashion posts. You can read just a few of them below:

My Everyday Makeup Routine

My Favorite Bath & Body Products

Shopping Haul!!

Getting up early 6:15 to be exact. I got up for the beginning of Tone It Up's Beach Week   to go on a run. I'm not really a morning person, but I have to say that (besides the fact of being tired) I loved getting up that early. The world seemed to still be asleep and as I was running the morning fog was just lifting & the sun was rising. Haha, not so sound cheesy, but it felt like something out of a movie.

Seeing the Hunger Games again  And it was even better than the first time! :)

Reading a devotional I'm reading Trusting God with Olivia & my Mom right now. It's a 12-week women's devotional that you can do by yourself or with a group. It's one of my favorite devotionals that I've ever read and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Trying sock curls Nina helped me do my sock curl. I slept in it overnight, and it was so comfortable! Unfortunately my hair was just too short for it to work, because when I took it out in the morning there was really no difference in my hair. :(

Having a water fight with Sam :)

Redoing my blog//making it to 60 followers My blog was relaunched in June (I think) after Jessica did a beautiful job re-doing it! I was beyond thrilled when I made it to 60 followers last week! That had been a goal of mine, and to finally reach it was a wonderful feeling!

Making a Pinterest food Nina & I made Snickerdoodle Blondies and they were a big hit with my family! A truly delicious variation of the Snickerdoodle cookie, but honestly, I still prefer the cookie! :)

Summer overview:

Got a new kitty & loved spending this summer pampering her and watching her grow! :)

Chloe on the day we picked her up

She has grown like crazy!

My little fluffelin :)
In June we had family come back from California for 2 weeks & us cousins were finally reunited. We had such a fun time and topped it all of with a day trip to Schlitterbahn!
My childhood best friend, and cousin Grant. We're two months apart (he's older) and grew up inseparable! We were always scheming new plans, and could ALWAYS find something to laugh about.

The original four cousins. :) Gracie, Olivia, Grant, and me. Now there are eight of us!
This summer was also filled with another trip to Schlitterbahn, tennis lessons, photography lessons, lots of photoshoots + fun with Nina, spending tons of time with my two kitties, cooking, working out, shopping, swimming, gym classes, blogging, Pinterest, reading, and so many more memories!
                                                             Livvy & Sam

Can you believe that I had Chloe for two months before I got a picture of the two of them together?! It was a tough journey with the two of them, and for a while I wondered if they would ever be friends. They're still not besties, but I often find them laying together outside or eating out of each others food bowls. Cali doesn't go off looking for adventures as much anymore and sometimes when Chloe can't find Cali she'll just sit there and cry with the most pitiful meows. I'm so happy that they've finally become friends! I love nothing more than looking out the kitchen window and seeing my two favorite kitties together.

Sammy + me. My little brother will be eight this month! Where has the time gone?!

Nina & me :)

Livvy and me. We love going to the gym, running errands together, talking ( a lot!), watching chick flicks, and taking pictures.

My baby, Chloe

Waiting in the airport for my cousins, aunt, and uncle to arrive! After being apart for almost a year, seeing them walk through that door was one of the best moments of my life.

Cali, my calico cat, has always been a good sport when it comes to taking pictures. :)
Well, this is it, summer 2012 has officially come to a close. It makes me sad & happy all at the same time. Sad that these summer days are gone, but happy that autumn is almost here. I'm ready for falltime, school, bonfires, flannel shirts, and pumpkins. Welcome Autumn, I've been waiting for you! And farewell summer, I'll see you next year!
Much love,
Your authoress,



  1. It sounds like you have had a fun summer!!

  2. Very sweet post. Glad your summer was wonderful<3 Thanks for sharing your experiences.