Monday, August 6, 2012

Lessons Learned... from my cats

I wish I was more like Chloe in the mornings...

I know that probably sounds funny, but its true! Chloe is always the perfect little angel and sleeps until we get up. We go downstairs as soon as we wake up to give her canned food and a bowl of milk. I'll just hit the stairs to head back up when she starts meowing to be let out. And believe me, when she wants to be heard, she is heard. Her meows are cute, but ANNOYING! Chloe doesn't even take the time to eat her breakfast, because she is so excited to begin her day. So I'll sigh, walk back to her kennel, and scoop her up. She will literally start quivering, and wiggle all over the place, because she is that excited to get outside. The second we reach the garage she jumps out of my arms and is off playing with the scratching post, looking for her friend, Cali, chasing leaves, and doing whatever else it is that she spends her days doing. I was just thinking today though... what if I took that kind of approach to my days? What if I got that excited over school? Haha, well its a nice thought, but I doubt its going to happen anytime soon! :)

Chloe will soon be five months old! Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone...
When I went to get my second kitten, one of my biggest worries was, "What if I don't bond with her?"

Believe me, I had nothing to worry about. I see now that each bond or "special connection" that you have with animals is different. My relationship with Cali and my relationship with Chloe are both totally different. Bottom line, my cats mean everything to me and I love them to pieces.

Do you have any pets?

Much love,


  1. That would be nice to wake up every morning and have that much excitement and energy! And like you said, especially during the school year. Nice photos! :)

  2. Here are some pics of my cat!

  3. you have such lovely cats! :) mine is an outdoor cat, and she isn't nearly as awesome as cali and chloe! ♥

  4. I love your cats! They are pretty much the only ones who like me! :)
    I awarded your blog, so you can go to my blog at to get the pic and everything. Love your blog, Em!