Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Favorites!!

Hello loves,
IT'S FRIDAY!! (Haha, anyone else having Rebecca Black flashbacks? :)) Yay, for consistency! This is the first time in a while that I've posted Friday Favorites two weeks in a row!

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Favorite Falltime Pictures:

Country road in Autumn
This is one of those amazing pictures that literally makes me want to jump into the picture! This reminds me so much of our trip to West Virginia last fall. I can imagine some many scenarios: walking down this road, laughing with friends, having a picnic in that field off to the corner, driving by while leaning out the window with my camera. :)

Oh, now THIS makes me want fall to be here!! I love everything about this photo. The gorgeous sweater, the whole casualness of the photo, the bun, and of course the beautiful country backdrop!

Favorite Hunger Games Pins:

Pretty sure that's the face I made
Pretty sure that's the face I made.

hunger games.
When the first mutt comes out of nowhere... Yep, that was me on the left.

Favorite Sweet:

Pumpkin Spice Latte Pancakes
Pumpkin Spice Latte Pancakes. YUM!!  I will definetly be making these! Seriously though, all of these fall pins filling up my newsfeed on Pinterest are just depressing because IT'S NOT FALL YET!!! (At least not here anyway)

Favorite Workout Quotes:

Hahaha, that's actually really wonderful advice!

glimmer away!!
Wonderful perspective! :)

Favorite Sad Kitten Picture:

awwwwww!   That makes me want to cry!

Awww, this makes me want to cry! :(

That look instantly melts my heart.
That look instantly melts my heart.

Favorite Cute Cat Pictures: (Sorry guys, but I pinned a lot of cat stuff recently!)

. oh my gosh  CUTENESS!!

You Better Have A Good Reason To Wake Me Up At This Hour
You better have a good reason to wake me up at this hour.

What Was That Noise
What was that noise??

Favorite Laugh:

laugh out LOUD!
Lol, I'm still waiting for that moment.

That's why I avoid them at all costs. Honestly I think it would be better to pee your pants than to go into one of those things!

And that's this week addition of Friday Favorites!

Much love and have a simply lovely weekend!

Your authoress,



  1. hehe..hahahaha....ahahahahahha.:))) oh those last two!!! agreed!!

  2. I really love those kitten pictures!They're beyond adorable!:)Aren't you just excited for fall to come?I SO can't wait to wear oversized sweaters,chunky scarfs,boots and all!!:)

    Visit my blog if you feel up to it!:)

  3. AHAHAHA all of that made me laugh non-stop XD