Saturday, July 7, 2012

We Are Family

Last summer my aunt, uncle, and my cousins packed up and moved to California for my uncle's new job. Us eight cousins are really close, so it was an extremely tearful farewell. Now, one year later, my family came back for two weeks! We spent our days playing hide-and-go-seek, taking four wheeler rides, eating massive amounts of food, having photoshoots, and even spending a day at Schlitterbahn!

I was elected official photographer. :)

 While editing I decided to try "focal zoom". I know it looks pretty crazy, but I think it makes the picture neat, and I'm happy with how it turned out.

The gorgeous oldest cousin, Gracie.

When it came time for photos, Gracie showed us all how it was done. :)

Gracie and her sweet little brother, Sam. (Yep, we've got two Sam's in the family!)

Gracie and her little sister, Sophie

This is my cousin Grant. He's two months older than me and likes to remind me of that. We had so much fun together as little kids. We were always scheming up new plans, and had lots of adventures together. I've missed him a lot, and really enjoyed spending time with him while they were back.

He has a lot of modeling potential, if we would just look up!

My sis, Olivia and Gracie. They've been besties since they were born.

Sophie. Goodness, isn't she gorgeous?! I see modeling in her future! :)

Livvy and Sophie.

The original four. :)

My Uncle Chris is always the good sport and was quick to strike a pose! :)

My sweet Aunt and Uncle. Aren't the cute?

We celebrated my Grandma and Gracie's birthday and I achieved an (almost) perfect birthday candle shot!

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