Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vlog- My Favorite Nighttime Beauty Products

It's vlog time! Today I'm talking about my favorite nighttime beauty products! Hope that you enjoy it!

Haha, sorry that I kept glancing down in the beginning, Cali (my cat) was in my room.

What are some of your favorite nighttime beauty products?

Let me know if you have any vlog requests!

Much love and Happy Wednesday ladies!



  1. Great job on your vlog! You're really pretty :) And your beauty products sound really nice! I will have to make a list of them to get. :D

    ♥ lindsey

    ps. if I can think of a good vlog request, I will definitely let you know! :)

    1. Thanks Lindz!! :) Aw, you're so sweet girl!

  2. I just bought some of My Favorite Nighttime Balm! :D I like it a lot! :)