Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Help Wanted: Inspirational Blog Names

Hello ladies!

My sweet older sister Olivia and I have decided to start a sister blog. We have spent a lot of time trying to come up with the perfect name, but alas, we cannot find it! Our blog will focus on our favorite things...fitness, nutrition, beauty, fashion, and all of our adventures.

Mini Bios:

Hey dears! I am Emalee's 18 yr-old big sister. I am heading off to college this fall as a freshman. Dance is a huge part of my life, and I have been doing ballet for 15 years now. I love the color pink, Vera Bradley, to-do lists, Drop Dead Diva, working out, shopping, the beach, and our kitten, Chloe. Emalee and I have been dreaming of doing a blog together for a while now, and I can't imagine anything more fun than collaborating with my best friend! :)

You all pretty much know me by now...
I'm a 15 year old Christian. I love animals, cooking, crafts, photography, country music, makeup, the outdoors, vintage stuff, shopping, coffee, and tennis. Liv and I are super close and I am so excited to start a blog with her!

Liv & Em:
We love shopping, Tone It Up, Lauren Conrad, Legally Blonde, Bride Wars, American Eagle, photoshoots, Bath&Body, "selfies", working out (especially at our gym, Body Boutique!), lists of all sorts, organization, babysitting, reading, and staying up late!

A few words that describe us and our soon-to-be blog:

Neat and Tidy

**So far we have been entertaining blog name ideas with French words in them...we aren't for sure that we are going to pursue that, but it's just a thought :)

We don't want to spend forever thinking up a name, but we want something sweet, chic, and unique that fits us. So start pumping out the name ideas, ladies! We can't wait to see what you come up with.

Much Love,


  1. I am absolutely horrible at thinking of names, but I love the idea of including a french word. Sorry I am not any help, but I will totally follow your blog when it's out there! It sounds fabulous! :)

  2. I'm sorry, I have absolutely no ideas for blog names :( But I LOVE that you two are going to do a blog together, great idea! Can't wait to check it out :)

  3. I will try to think of a name or two...I hope you will still post on this blog!

    1. Thanks ladies! You all are so sweet! We hope to have our blog up and running within the next month! :) Oh and Emily, don't worry! I wouldn't dream of ever stopping this blog! I'll still be posting reguarly! :)


    2. Are you going to do a vlog soon?

    3. Yes! :) I did the acne one, I just have to review it and decide if I need to reshoot. I also have a "makeup tools" one planned sometime soon!

  4. Ok, I hope you will post soon! :)

  5. That first photo is just too cute!