Monday, June 18, 2012

Lately, My Life {In Pictures}

Hello loves,
During my blogging break, I was super busy, and had a lot happen, which of course resulted in hundreds of pictures! I would love to share them all with you, but that would be an extremely long post, so here are just a few of them...

 Little Chloe is an angel! She LOVES people and has a bit of separation anxiety. It's getting a lot better though. She is such a perfect cat and we all love her! For a while we didn't know if it would work out, because Cali hates her, but it's getting a bit better, so hopefully it everything will work out!

A few weeks ago our car was in the shop for a week so we had to get a rental. We ended up with a Ford Mustang. My brother just about hyperventilated on the spot. He is a huge car fanatic and has always wanted to ride in a mustang. And yes, that's Cali sleeping on top of the mustang.

I don't what it is about this picture, but it just melts my heart. I took it yesterday at Sam's baseball game. My Dad and Sam were sitting in the dugout waiting for Sam's turn to pitch and they just looked so cute sitting there, so I snuck up on them and took this picture.

Our church had it's VBS two weeks ago, and Olivia and I had the thrill of teaching a kindergarten class together! It was my first time being an assistant teacher, but we had a blast and loved decorating our room together!

I'm obsessed with these. Seriously, these apple cider doughnuts are the best doughnuts ever!!

My big sister, Olivia graduated last month!! It was super exciting to see her graduate, and  to think that I will be doing the same in three years! I was a little sad because it made me realize how quickly we grow up. At the same time it is exciting to think about how we are moving onto to this next chapter in our lives and all the adventures that will come with it! I am so incredibly thankful that she's not moving away to go to college! I don't know what I would do without her!

Photo shoot with Chloe! :)

Olivia's been doing dance, specifically ballet for 15 years, and last month she performed her senior solo at her dance gala. Her solo's have always been amazing and something I look forward too immensely, but this years she surprised us all by doing a sassier, bolder dance to Adele's Rolling in the Deep. Everyone loved it, and I have to say it is my favorite dance that she's ever done.

Much love,


  1. I love that song! (Love the car too! :)

    1. Yes!! I love the song too! I was just thrilled that she picked it for her dance! :) Haha, and yes the car was pretty awesome! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hehe, thanks Jessica, she is pretty sweet! :)

  3. your sister is gorgeous in those photos! ♥ and so are you:) ahh! I would have loved to see her dance to adele's "rolling in the deep"! that song is amazing.

    1. Aw, thank you Lindsey! You are so sweet! I have a video of her dance, maybe I'll put it on my blog sometime! :)