Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lately, My Life {In Pictures}

Hello loves,
Happy Saturday! I thought I would show you guys a few pictures from lately and while I'm at it share a few photography tips with you. (Not that I know a ton about it, but if you're a beginner you might find these interesting)

 Go from all angles. The first photo was straight on but up close. The second was overhead and focused on the sugary edge so that the background blurred.

Capturing little kids reactions make for some of the best pictures! Sweet little Kayla was watching a rocket take off while her precious, brother Alex gazed at her.
Get action shots! I couldn't believe that I caught this rocket taking off! Just focus on the object and snap as fast as you can! :)

Food photography! :) Something I'm not very good at yet, but SO fun!!

Take pictures of the everyday things that you see. Things you normally take for granted. We have hundreds of these scattered throughout our yard! Would you believe that yesterday was the first time I ever took a picture of one?! And they take really cute photos! Here's an idea: Have a friend blow the dandelion, set your camera on action, and snap away!

Now this isn't very good, because I snapped it super fast, but practicing on people, especially little kids, can really help to strengthen your skills!

Okay, so who else takes the awkward self portraits with friends where you have to stretch both hands out, have your friend lean in, and then you snap the picture? Unfortunately there's not much of a better way to do this, unless you have a tripod and put your camera on self timer. Here's some tips for when you want a picture with your friend or sibling. Make sure you guys are at the same height. Have the taller person bend down. Make sure your faces are right next to each other, it looks weird if one person is standing in front of behind. It's best if you have a pretty background and good lighting.
There's nothing I love more than a photoshoot with friends. The problem is what to do once they start snapping? First of all DON'T look stiff/fake! Let your personality shine through. Do whatever comes naturally to you. To me there are two types of people when it comes to photoshoots. We'll call them the "models" and the "naturals". Models tend to have just a handful of faces that they do over and over, sometimes changing them slightly. They can be pretty serious though, and can hold a face for several shots. Naturals can change their face and body pose pretty quickly and are natural in front of the camera, whether they realize it or not. :) Neither type is better than the other, they both take great photos! Not everybody falls into these two category's, this is kind of just a general guideline to follow. If your the photographer then pay attention to your model. Find out what type she is, and what she does best. Most importantly, have fun!!

Allrighty ladies, hope you enjoyed that! Do you have any wonderful advice/ tips? I would love to hear them! Please do share!

Enjoy your weekend!

Much love,

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  1. I adooooore the first two photos!! So cool! And your blog design is amazing!