Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Help! New Blog Design Anyone?

Hello loves,
Allrighty, so after much contemplating, I've decided to get a new blog design! I'm mainly just changing my blog header. I love it a lot and am a little sad to say goodbye, but I would really like something a little more personal, that uses my own pictures. So now, since I know nothing about blog design, and don't have the time at the moment to sit down and figure it all out, I am wondering if anyone is interested in redoing it for me? Also, if you have any brilliant ideas about how it should look, leave me a comment! If you're interested in redesigning my blog then please leave me a comment or shoot me an email!
Thanks so much ladies!
Much love,


  1. Aww... but I love it just the way it is! I would do it, but I am figuring out how to do it right now myself.... I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help to you.. :)



  2. I know that sophie from capturing it (http://themeltedcamera.blogspot.com/) designs and she's looking for peoples' to design. Also, I'm learning a lot more about it (though I'm still virtually clueless) but if you want, I can help you once I get mine done if I have time. :)


  3. What Lou said means allot to me :) thanks for putting that out there Lou! :D
    Yes, I love to design blogs, I have done many designs. If you shoot me your email, we can get started of you like! :)


  4. I am just getting started on designing blogs and i think its awesome that you want to take a step into it:)

    Maybe you could try asking Ryan from http://alittle-bird-toldme.blogspot.com/ ??

    she is designing blogs for free right now, and she is going to do mine!

    Hope this helps:)
    Hannah Mae

  5. Becca- Aw, thank you!! I know, I really love it too, but I'm just ready for a change, something that has my own photos.

    Lou- Thanks for the reccomendation! And yes, you will definetly have to share with me what all you've learned! :)

    Sophie- Thanks for you sweet offer! Another blogger sent me an email before I got your comment, so I've decided to go with her, since she was first. Thank you so much though and I will keep you in mind in the future!

    Hannah- Thanks Hannah!! I'll check out her blog! I always love getting new ideas! :)