Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pinspirational Tuesdays

Hello loves,

Today I'm linking up with Jessica from Diary of a Beautiful Soul for Pinspirational Tuesdays!! So excited to finally do this! :)

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Trampoline tent for summer sleepovers. :) This would be so fun!!
Trampoline tent for summer, perfect for summer sleepovers. Whoever invented this is a genius!

I love how they got the cat from three different angles. I need to try this sometime with Cali.

like :)
I repinned this outfit from Jessica. :) We seem to have similar taste, because I'm always loving everything she pins! Haha, sorry if I seem a bit stalkerish Jessica! It's just that everything you pin is so me! :)

Yes, I will!! ....... someday.

I love this quote so much. The first time I saw it I wanted to cry.

I wonder if he thinks this too...
Does anyone else ever think this? Because I sure do!

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  1. Oh, I definitely think that too. ;) Yet, here I am wondering about it again... anyway love the idea of the trampoline tent. So cool!

  2. That trampoline is epic! I need one this summer. Thanks for linking up ;)