Friday, April 6, 2012

Picture Perfect

Hello loves,
So I'm just now getting around to posting those pictures I promised y'all from my last visit to Double JJ Farm! Sorry it took so long, I just finished editing them! It was kind of a slow process because I had to upload all 200 of them, go through and pick out my favs, and then edit them. I'm really excited to share them with you though because I got some of my best pictures EVER!! Enjoy! :)

Sweet Millie :)

One of the precious baby goats

Dad & Dollie :) She's my favorite of all of the baby goats because she will always run over to you and nibble on your hand.

ATV ride with Sam!

Sam's driving!! Yeah, I was a little scared for my life.


The goats grazing in the field. Do you notice Millie in there? Yeah, she thinks she's a goat. It's no big deal really. They're her best friends so she plays with them, eats with them (yes she eats goat food), sleeps with them, etc. She's just another one of the goats! :)

Millie and Sam. That's her "submissive" pose.

pretty flowers. :)

Much love and a hug,

P.S. Yay, for two posts in one day!! :)

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