Saturday, April 21, 2012

Java, the teddy bear poodle

Hello loves,
So tonight I had family over for a pre-birthday celebration and we asked my aunt and uncle to bring their adorable standard poodle, Java. I absolutely love Java. He's one of my absolute favorite dogs in the world. His eyes make you melt, he's just like a giant teddy bear! And he has THE sweetest personality! He has these big, fluffy ears and when he gets excited they perk up. :) I always can't help but smile, because everything he does is so cute! Anyhow, I took him on a walk with my uncle and Sam and while my uncle gave me some awesome photography pointers, I snapped a few pictures!

And by the way, all of these are completely unedited.  (Mainly because I didn't have time to edit them! :))

I think Java was pretty tired by the end! :) And for being such a good boy, we sent him home with a piece of brisket. I have a hunch that it will be gone by morning. He was eyeing it quite hungrily. :) Thanks for being such a good sport Java! Love you! And thanks for all of the advice Uncle John!

So how was your Saturday?

Much love and many hugs,



  1. What a great story! They are very cute bears. By the way I made a lot of Pascale Garnier's flower kits, I also made some toys kits but can't remember who they were from, also clothes patterns from Lorraine Miniatures.
    teddy bear