Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hello loves,
Yay, the weekend is almost here!! I always look forward to having a break from school. :) AND Sunday is Easter!! What are you doing for Easter? We always have a special breakfast and an Easter egg hunt  here and then we'll go to church (I get to wear my new dress! :)) and after that we'll head out to my grandparents for lunch and another Easter egg hunt + my dear cousin Gracie is in town for the weekend!!

Favorite Cat Picture:


Don't you just love this picture? I can totally see this being taken in some alley in Europe. And I desperately want this cat!!

Favorite Puppy:
Look at that face
Just look at that face!! How could you resist?

Favorite Picture:

Simply Lovely.

Favorite Hair:

beachy, wavy hair. love!!
Beachy, wavy hair. Love!!

Favorite Dress:

floral lolita dress via mary magdalene
So beautiful! I have to figure what site this dress is from!

Favorite Vintage Picture:

Vintage suitcase, pink and sea foam green.
A vintage suitcase, pink and sea foam green. Ah, so lovely. I really, really want this!

Favorite Engagement Picture:

So cute! I especially love the boots! :)

Favorite Quote:
A Golden Rule
A Golden Rule.

And there you have it folks! Now go have a wonderful weekend and a lovely Easter!

Much love and Happy Fridays,

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