Thursday, April 26, 2012

Friday Favorites (A Little Bit Early)

Hello loves,
Yes, I know it's not Friday quite yet, but I wasn't sure if I would have time to post this tomorrow, so I'm doing it a little early! :) Also, sorry that I haven't posted in a few days! I'm working on a few different posts, and you WILL start seeing them soon!

Favorite Look:

cute! :)
I love this outfit idea so much! Just perfect for summer! I might change the bracelets, but other than that it's lovely!

Favorite Craft Idea:

A Roadtrip Mini Book
A road trip mini book. Is this not the cutest idea ever?! Haha, I kind of want to go on a trip just so I can make one! :)

Favorite Darling Animal:

Oh my goodness, I want to frame it!! Too cute!!
I can't tell you how deeply in love I am with this picture!! I have a picture in my room that I'm replacing and I'm thinking of putting this in its place.

Favorite Quote:

best movie line ever!! :)
This is epic. Best. Movie. Line. Ever.

Favorite Dream House Idea:

adorable vanity
I want this to be mine!! I may make it a reality instead of a "dream".

Favorite Hair Idea:


Cool, right? I'm going to try this for sure!

Favorite Laugh:
Hahaha, kitty's seeking revenge! :)
Hahahaha, evil kitty! :)

Favorite Sweet Idea:

Chocolate covered strawberries
I've been craving these so bad, so I'm finally going to make some tonight! Yum!

Favorite Hunger Games Picture:

Oh wow, I would freak if he said this to me... and gave me THAT look!!
What would you do if Thresh looked at you like that and said that?? I know what I would do.... FREAK OUT!!!

Song that's stuck in my head:

Who's been watching American Idol?? I'm cheering for Hollie and Skylar!! :) Just turned it on! Tonight's the elimination! I'm pretty nervous!

Much love and I hope your Friday is beyond amazing!! By the way, how is it possible that there's 36 of you??? Goodness, y'all are amazing!! Thank you! Each one of you means so much to me and all 36 of you will be in my prayers tomorrow!



  1. That Thresh pic is so awesome, funny, and brings back sad memories of Rue all at once! I love your blog Em!


  2. I can't even tell you how much I use the fluffy quote. Agreed - it's epic.

    That summer outfit is adorbs! I would wear that.

    Thank you for your sweet words on my 'changing' post the other day... I love your blog too! So I'm your newest fan!


  3. Alex- Haha, yes I love that picture!! :) Aw, thank you!!

    Memory- Aw, you are welcome dear, THANK YOU for your sweet comment!! I'm so happy that you're following!! :)