Wednesday, April 4, 2012

All Things Animal: The Cat Edition

Hello loves,
So, I've decided to start a new series of posts called "All Things Animal". I thought it was time I shared some of my knowledge of animals with you! Today we'll be focusing on cats:


*Decided to feed your cat homemade/ people food? That's great! There are tons of healthy options! Just make sure that you never give your cat anything that has onions or onion powder in it! It is VERY bad for cats and can result in vomiting and diarrhea and bigger health issues. Also do not feed them tuna on a regular basis! Every now and then is okay. Cali loves to have a bit of tuna whenever she runs out of canned food. She loves chicken, tuna, brisket, turkey, and hamloaf. She has also  had a little bit of cantaloupe as well and thought it was okay, but she turned up her nose at broccoli! Just tonight I gave her some chicken and broth and she gobbled it right up! :)

*Surprisingly, cat don't need milk. Many are actually lactose intolerant and have a hard time digesting it. Cali doesn't care for milk much. I think every now and then on a special occasion it's nice though.

*There really is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat! Cat allergies don't come from their fur, but something in their saliva, which in turn gets all over them when they groom themselves.

* I've found some great ideas for cat freebie toys! They include brown paper sacks (never plastic! Your cat will suffocate!!), bubbles, plastic rings off of milk, cardboard boxes, and then center of toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Another great idea is to cut the bottom out of brown paper sacks, tape them together, and your cat has a tunnel! Never give your cat anything they can swallow. Dangerous toys include floss, ribbon, rubber bands, twine, string, etc. If you don't give a cat a toy, they will find their own toys! Cali has enjoyed playing with tissue paper, tags, blind chords, rags, etc.

* Cats do not purr just when they're happy. They also do it when they are injured, giving birth, dying, partly asleep, etc. It can be a means to comfort themselves.

*Black cats are not bad luck! It's really sad that they get so much bad publicity. They are like the pitbull for cats. Black cats are often tortured and even lose their lives due to superstition, Halloween, etc. Also, they are often hit by cars at night, because people don't see them! :(

*Not all calico's are female!  According to studies 1 in 3000 calicos are males.. sort of. They are not quite true calicos due to their genes/coloring, but they look a lot like one!

I've collected quite a few cat pictures through Pinterest, and some of them are just plain hysterical!

 Scottish fold kitten!
I love Scottish Folds! I really want one! :)

I love Scottish Folds!
Another darling Scottish Fold.

*This farm had 240 rats when I got here, now there's only two, but I can't run as fast any more.
This farm had 240 rats when I got here, now there's only two, but I can't run as fast!

Haha, so sweet!
Haha, I wish Cali would do this! :)

Black cat auditions in Hollywood, 1961.
Black cat auditions in Hollywood, 1961

somebody's tired
somebody's tired


love this kitty!
love this kitty!

I have a feeling it's going to pounce...
I have a feeling it's going to pounce...

Ohhh, look at the pretty water!

Please, don't fall!


Haha :)

Awwww :)


so sweet :)
best buds :)


I'm not happy. NOT HAPPY!

Owner said meow!

These are just a few of my favorites! Here's the link to my "Darling Animals" pinboard:

And there you have it folks! So, what did you think of my first "All Things Animal" post? Should I do more? Do you have a request for a certain animal?

Much love,


  1. Hey girl!! Your pictures are so adorable!<3 I'm following your blog...and actually have been for a little while, but I had forgotten that I followed it, so now I'm officially checking your posts when you write :D hehe. care to stop by my blog?! :D


  2. *meow*

    He must speak my language!!

    True story.


  3. Lindsey- Aww, thanks SO much for your sweet comment!! :) I will most definetly check out your blog!

    Jessica- Hahahahaha! :)

  4. Cute post! :D I loved all the little tidbits of information :)

    Could I happen to request a penguin? I'm in love with the creatures, and would adore to hear more facts about them! :)

  5. Very nice. Totally do more! I LOVED all the pictures.
    My requests: 1) dog [surprise! : )] 2) panda 3) chickens (live!...not recipes)

  6. Jesus Chick- Thanks girl!! :) And yes, I'm working on your penguin post! :) It should be up soon!

    Madison- Aw, thanks!! Great requests! I'll get to work on those soon! :)