Sunday, April 22, 2012

15 before 15

*15 before 15 will officially end tomorrow, but I will obviously not be getting anything accomplished between now and tomorrow, so I decided to just do this post today.

Hello loves,
Wow, I can't believe that 15 before 15 is over! Sadly, I didn't complete everything on my list. :( I accomplished 8 out of 15 though, which I thought was pretty good, since I only started it 5 months ago.


#1 Start a scrapbook

#4 Get a camera Canon Rebel T3!! Everyone insisted I name her, so her name is Prim. :)

#6 Have a picnic

#7 Master new hairstyles

#8 Redecorate my bedroom

#13 Make Scones I made the Pioneer Woman's Maple Pecan Scones

#14 Make a gratitude journal

#15 Read a book in the Bible or do a devotional I did both! :)

Much love and a hug,


P.S. 16 before 16- coming soon!!

P.P.S. Room reveal coming soon as well!!


  1. Aww, yay! :))) So lovely. :) I am so excited for your birthday! :))))

  2. Thanks dearie! I know!! Only two hours!!! :)

  3. How exciting! Happy pre-birthday :)
    And way to go, girl, making a gratitude journal!