Sunday, March 25, 2012

The HG premiere!!!

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Here's the post I promised y'all!

March 22nd, 2012. Completely psyched. Over the top excitement. I had waited for this day for so long that it was hard to believe that it was finally here!! The time seemed to go by so slowly. School. Paint nails. Get hair braided. I don't remember what else I did that day. The evening was spent at a friends house. Pizza. Twister. A walk in the rain. Music. Brownies. Card games. At last it was time to leave for the theater! The wait was still not over though. The time at the theater went surprisingly fast. I remember somebody saying one hour, then 17 minutes, and then all of the sudden somebody shouted out 1 minute!! My friends and I were so, so excited. I remember when the lights went down, patiently waiting through previews, and finally, finally the movie started. Those were some of the best 142 minutes of my life. The movie was AMAZING! So intense. I think I spent half of the movie covering my eyes! Nina and I were squeezing each other hands so tightly that I think we cut off circulation! :) I missed pretty much the whole tracker jacker scene because I turned my head. I just couldn't bear to watch. Seeing my friends horrified faces when they saw Glimmers distorted body was enough for me. They really did a good job of making you feel like you were in the movie. I really felt like I was at the Reaping! I was just as nervous as Katniss and Prim. Rue's death was the best death scene I've ever seen. So, so sad, but beautiful. Oh my goodness, and when the mutts came, wow. I knew they were coming, but I didn't expect them until Katniss and Peeta got to the Cornucopia. When that mutt jumped out of the bushes I was so startled. I was on the edge of my seat and I couldn't help but jump in surprise. I had been really worried about the mutts, but they weren't as bad as I thought. I know a lot of people were disappointed in them, but honestly I'm glad that they weren't too freaky. Haha, they looked like a cross between a pit bull and a bear! They were still very ferocious and scary though.
Obviously a lot of things had to be changed for the movie, and I think they did a great job, but there were a few things I was sad about:

* Peeta's leg is supposed to be really hurt and he loses a lot of blood. I really loved the scene in the book when Katniss is pounding on the glass doors while the doctors try to revive Peeta. I really wished they had put that in the movie. Also, Peeta's leg is supposed to be amputated and that didn't happen. That really surprised me because that's a part of all three books, how his fake leg slows him down and everything.

*They completely cut Madge out of the move and changed how Katniss got the pin. I liked how they did it in the book because then the pin had more meaning and sentimental value.

*Okay, this is pretty minor, but there was no lamb stew in the movie!!! I mean really, it wouldn't have taken that much time to add that in!

* I was a little disappointed in the romance scenes. They didn't show much in the cave. I mean they did kiss once, but I thought there were some really sweet dialogue in the book, that they didn't put in the movie.

*Katniss cussed in the movie, something that she never did in the book. That wasn't really needed.

*After Peeta declared his love for her, instead of pushing him into the vase. She slammed him against the wall! Between that and the cussing, I thought they made Katniss a little too rough.

*And lastly, did it bother anyone else that they slicked Peeta's hair back? I mean seriously, Peeta's a handsome guy, but when they did that it just made him look funny.

Okay, so I now that was a lot of complaining, but I really did love the movie. I think all of us HG fans were a little disappointed, but in all honesty we can't expect the movie to be exactly like the book. They say that they wanted us to get the same feel from the movie that we did with the book and I think they totally nailed that. The Hunger Games is one of the best movies I've ever seen! Besides leaving stuff out, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the movie. The outfits were gorgeous, the scenery was amazing, and I thought everybody stayed pretty true to their character. I seriously can't wait for Catching Fire! Don't know how I can possibly wait until Nov. 2013!!

Lou and Sophi (both dressed as Katniss) with a random Peeta that they found at the theater. :)

group photo! :)

love this picture!


amazing scene, but so, so sad.

peeta and katniss


They're not happy with you.

So dear followers, if you haven't seen the movie yet, you simply must go see it... NOW!! Oh wait, first you must read the books, and then go see it AT ONCE!

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  1. Great pictures! I am not sure if I will see it but I am going to try to read the books.

  2. Gah!! I die, die, die! I don't know when I'm going, and it's driving me insane!
    But thanks for the heads up as to the differences ;)