Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hello loves,
Wow, this does not feel like a Friday! This whole day as kind of been a blur. I have a Hunger Games hangover and am functioning on minimal hours of sleep. I think I got to bed sometime around 4am.


Favorite Darling Animal:

you go lamb
You go lamb!

Favorite Piece of Jewelry:
Daisy ring.
Isn't this just beautiful? I really would love this!

Favorite Look:

classic, real beauties

Classic, Real Beauties

Favorite Photo:

fresh brown eggs. lovely colors. beautiful lighting.
I love everything about this photo. The fresh brown eggs. The lovely colors. The beautiful lighting.

Favorite Craft Idea:

How to tint mason jars
Tinted mason jars. Super cute!!

Favorite Dream House Idea:

Cool Idea. Built in bunks with stairs to top bunks. LOVE the stairs!
I love this idea so much, especially the stairs!! This would be so fun to have for sleepovers with friends!

Haha, yep, pretty much.

Favorite Laughs:

I had a lot of favorites this week, but I was finally able to narrow it down to two:

Owner said meow!

Pure Passion.
Pure Passion.

I love both of these so much. I totally cracked up the first time I saw them! :)

Favorite Hunger Games photo:

Which by the way, the movie was AMAZING!!! Very intense. I'll be posting all about it soon!

Favorite Song:

Taylor Swift's Eyes Open

Amazing song! I first listened to it two days ago, and since then I've probably listened to it twenty times! :)  (It's on the Hunger Games soundtrack)

Happy Friday guys! What are your Friday Favorites?



  1. It's just not fair... I hate not knowing what the movie was like! going to listen to that song. and hit repeat. and cry.


  2. I agree, The Hunger Games was absolutely amazing! And that picture set of Peeta, omg I remember when I read to that part in Mockingjay I was so depressed :(

  3. Jessica- You have to go see the movie!! It is SO good!!

    Anh- Yeah, the mockingjay book is so sad! I was so upset about Peeta! I'm happy with how it turned out though, but it's still hard because Peeta was never quite the same after that. :(