Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Goats!!

Hello loves,
Two of the little goat mommies at Double JJ Farm had their babies and today I got to go visit them! *Drum roll please* Introducing.... Jack, Jill, Jake, Dollie, and Duke!!

Baby Jake

Jack and Jill

This is one of the mommies, Dorothy,and in the background are her twins, Dollie and Duke.

Baby Dollie :)

My favorite goat, Gracie. She always comes running over to be petted and she has the softest fur ever!

Gracie :)

And so yes, I fell in love with all of the baby's and wanted to bring them home with me. You wouldn't believe how tiny and precious they are! I can't wait for the last of the mommies, Teeny, to have her babies!!

After visiting with the goats I skipped on over to the chicken coop to check for eggs. It's at moments like these where the little girl in me comes out. I don't know what it is, but whenever I go to gather eggs I always feel like a giddy little girl. I could never get tired of it.

I fed the little chickens a piece of cinnamon raisin bread and was very pleased to find 5 eggs in the nest. ( The chickens are really funny, they all insist on laying in the same nest :))

Much love and a hug,



  1. Awww, too adorable!!! :)) Lovely photos! :)) I know what you mean about the little girl coming out. That's how I feel whenever I go feed all the animals. :))

  2. Too cute! I love baby goats they are sooo adorable! Nice photos.

  3. Thanks guys!! Y'all are too sweet!