Friday, February 10, 2012

How To Cut Up A Plumeria

Warning: This is a mysterious food. Proceed with caution.

Hello loves,
So today I'm going to give you instructions on how to cut up a plumeria. I'm guessing you've probably never heard of a plumeria (other than the flower), and until yesterday I hadn't heard of it either. I'm still not quite sure what it is.


1. I'm in my room doing school when my brother brings me a strange looking ball- oh actually it's a fruit. He tells me that my Mom just bought it at the grocery store and would like me to cut it up.  I research this interesting type of fruit on the internet and come up with... nothing. Hmm, this only makes the fruit more mysterious.

2. I go out to the kitchen and observe the fruit for a moment before deciding how best to go about this strange task.

3. I decide to cut it just like I would a grapefruit.

4. Very Interesting. It kind of looks like a grapefruit. I decided to cut away all of the skin so that I can get to the actual fruit. And boy is there a lot of skin!

5. I tried a piece, hoping that it will taste like a grapefruit. Disgusting, bitter, and beyond weird are just a few words that describe it. It is nothing like a grapefruit. I hope that I  never encounter this strange fruit again!

It was interesting experience though and now I'm just a bit more knowledgeable on foreign fruits. :)

Have a wonderful weekend! My church's youth group is holding a Dinner Theater this weekend to raise money for the seniors annual trip to Romania in May. So, I'll be pretty busy this weekend! I will try to post again soon though!

Love you all!



  1. lol, cool! i've never heard of that fruit before =)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. thanks Jessica! Yeah, isn't that neat?! :)

  3. lol i think you have the wrong spelling its pomelo or citrus maxima