Monday, February 20, 2012


Hello loves,

 I've seen a few other blogs do this and I thought it was a fun idea. Anyhow, here it goes:

1. I absolutely hate Greek olives and plain white chocolate. Those are two foods that I could literally throw up from!

2. I've never gotten caught up in fashion fads. I've never owned a pair of ughs, skinny jeans, or nerd glasses.

3. I always cry in movies (and while reading books). Always. I can tear up at the littlest thing.

4. I am not a sporty person. I love tennis and enjoy watching basketball, but that's about it. I find baseball boring and will probably never understand football.

5. I'm a bookworm. If it's a book that I really like then I can get through it exceptionally fast. I'm an expert speed reader!

6. I LOVE organizing!!

7. I really want a 50 mm lens.

8. I don't drive, yet I still get "road rage". Why is it that whenever you're in a hurry to get somewhere you hit every red light and get behind a million slow people?!

9. I frequently wish that I lived in a different time period. Preferably the 1950's.

10. I dream of one day owning a truck. Perhaps a red one.

11. I do not like Wuthering Heights. It's weird and depressing. I saw the movie once and would be very glad to never watch it again.

12. I love making lists. I'm a very organized person. My room is littered with lists of all types, and I have even more lists scattered throughout the house!

13. I love red high heels and dream of one day getting a pair!

14. Ever since I was little I have wanted to adopt a baby girl from China. One day I will make that dream come true!

And there you have it folks! Now go and try it for yourself! It's quite fun!  I'd love it if you linked your confession posts in my comments!

Much love and a hug,


  1. LOVED this. :)) 7,9,10,13 especially. :)

  2. Very fun! I loved all of these. Especially the red high heels one :)

  3. Thanks Lindsey! Haha, yes we share a love for red high heels! :)