Thursday, January 5, 2012

A little bit of spring

Hello loves,
Yesterday I went to this really neat craft store with some friends and I left feeling inspired and ready to create something!

                                                      An adorable pencil case. :)

                                                               I really loved this picture!

This store was full of so many fun ideas! Everything was really neat, but pricey. I ended up getting some really cute stickers, and some adorable mini clothespins.

Today the weather was absolutely gorgeous! It got up to 70 degrees! I was seriously beginning to believe that spring had finally arrived! :) Pretty crazy weather! I was so thankful for it though!
I spent a lot of time outside today taking pictures!

None of my shots turned out amazing, but I enjoyed being outside in the sunshine doing one of my favorite things, taking pictures. :)

Also, today when I was out at my grandparents I got a great picture of Cali's Mom, Bobit! I couldn't believe how close she let me get to her!

Much love and a hug,



  1. Lovely post, Dearie! :)) I love all of those pictures! Cali is absolutely adorable!

  2. Aw, so cute! I love mini clothespins!

  3. Lovely post, that picture of a kitty is so adorable! <3

  4. Thanks Vera! That's Cali, my cat. :)