Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pumpkin Muffins, Makeup, and Babies

Hello loves,

I hope you have all had a splendid weekend! Today was a very lovely day. This morning I worked in our church nursery with my Mom. (We work back in the baby room once a month.) Today was very nice because we only had about seven babies, so we were able to enjoy them a little more. (Last month we had eleven babies, that were all crying, and it was crazy!) I just love babies! They're so cute and sweet! They're little clothes are darling as well! Especially the little girl clothes! :)
This afternoon I went to Walgreens with my sister (Olivia) to get makeup. I had several things I wanted to get, but not very much money. :( I found some good deals though and came home very happy. Then I tried out some of the makeup. (Disapointed face) It seems that cheaper doesn't always mean better in the makeup world. Word of advice, if makeup is only 99 cents, you should realize that it's probably cheaply made, and won't look good on you. I wish I had thought about this before I bought the makeup. Oh well, the makeup was just for fun anyway, so not a big deal.
Before dinner I made Pioneer Woman's Moist Pumpkin Spice Muffins with Cream Cheese Iceing. Oh. my. goodness. I think I have a new love. They are utterly amazing. Here's the recipe. I promise to post pictures soon, but my parent's camera currently has a dead battery and is chargeing.
Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving filled with food, family, and happiness!
I'll post about Thanksgiving and Black Friday next time!

Love you lots,



  1. Wonderful post, dearie! Hahahahahahhaha. :)) I want to try that recipe! :)))

  2. Thanks darling! Yes, you should! It is delicious! :)

  3. Babies and food! How could your weekend possibly be any better?
    I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope you did too!

  4. I know! It was pretty great! :) I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, thanks for asking! I'm glad that you did too!

  5. ahh, I LOVE your blog design!! Great job, jocee!!


  6. Thanks lou! I love it too! Yes, jocee did a fantastic job! :)