Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is it a cat or a dog?

                                                                       This is Cali.
                                                                       She's a cat.
                                                        But sometimes I begin to wonder...
                                              Here's a few reasons I think she might be part dog...

1. She sits at her cat door for a good portion of the day and just watches the world.... and any animals that might set foot on her territory.

2. Whenever we leave to go anywhere she comes and sits outside to watch us leave. She always looks quite small and forlorn sitting there. Today she actually ran ahead of us and then she just stopped and sat in front of the car. So of course I had to get out, pick her up, and take her back up to the garage.

3. She loves food, especially treats. Whenever she hears me putting food in her bowl she comes running.

4. She loves people and is extremely curious. She wants to know what everybody's doing and will shove her way right in.

5. She often wags her tail when she is happy.

Yes, she definitely has her cattish qualitys (yes i know that cattish is not a word) about her, but then again you never know. Maybe she's part dog! :)

Okay, now for my embarassing moment of the day. This afternoon I went with my Mom to the Walmart Recycling Center. As I was standing there emptying our boxes a lady came over to me. Smileing, she said "Thank you for emptying my box for me! ". For a moment I was confused, then I looked down and realized she was right! Our boxes had been sitting right next to each other and I had been emptying hers along with my own! I was definitely not paying attention. Oh well, less work for her!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful week!


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