Saturday, November 19, 2011

Inside Kitty?

So yesterday I did something I've never done before. I let Cali in the house. You see, she's supposed to be an outside cat, because my sister has allergies. But yesterday, I thought, "I wonder what Cali would do if I let her play in my room for a while?" So I decided to find out. I carried her kennel back to my room, shut my door, and let her out.

I don't know if I've ever seen Cali so happy before! She explored, played with a ping-pong ball, licked herself and me, tried to eat my mini Christmas tree, and finally she plopped down under my desk. I let her in again this morning and she was very mad when I took her back outside. I promised her I would do it again soon though. :)

It seems that Cali has discovered a new favorite place.

Yes, she's on top of our vehicle. I frequently go out in the garage, and find her up there. I think she even slept there last night!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Much love and goofy pets,


  1. Cali is so cute! What did your parents think about all this? Sounds like Cali loved it.

  2. Hehe, thanks! Oh, they were fine with it, as long as I kept her in my room. Yes, I think Cali was thrilled! :)

  3. So sweet! :))) She is adorable!