Thursday, November 3, 2011

If you give a girl a makeover...

If you do a girl's makeup, then she'll want you to do her hair,

If you do a girl's hair, then she'll want to get all dressed up,

Once she's all dressed up, she'll want to have a photo shoot...

Last week two of my friends came over for a sleepover while there parents were gone on a trip. After spending hours getting ready we had a photoshoot! :)

Here are a few of my best shots:

Photoshoots and makeovers are such fun! I just love them! After this we fixed ourselves some snacks and settled down to watch "Charade". Nina and I had never seen it before, but Tiana had. It's now one of my favorite movies! :) Definitely my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie!

Much love and a hug,


  1. Love it. You all looked so cute. Glad you decided to join the blogging world. You're blog is awesome.

  2. Thanks Madison! You're so sweet! :)

  3. Funnn, these pictures are GORGEOUS! :))